Common Pipistrelle Bat

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The common pipistrelle bat is almost ubiquitous in Glossop. They occur almost everywhere we have surveyed and at every water body and linearfeature (treelines and railway lines) that we have investigated. Common
pipistrelle bats appeared to be the most common species of bat at all sites we visited, and was the only species that was present at all sites. A substantial number of roosts were located in houses, barns and mills, and a number of places where early emergence was noted are considered highly likely to contain Pipistrellus roosts. It seems likely that P. pipistrellus bats occur everywhere in Glossop, with activity concentrated around trees and water bodies.


Glossop Bat Group records of Common Pipistrelle Bats, June 2012. 

 Area of Glossop searched for bats on foot to June 2012 by Glossop Bat Group

Area of Glossop roads surveyed for bats by car to June 2012 by Glossop Bat Group