Glossop Bat Group Updates - 31st July 2012

1. Next meetings will be split over Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday this week (30 July to 1st August) at 7PM in the Oakwood, or, if it is closed, in the Globe. We will do all the formal stuff to make ourselves an independent group (see below), come up with a plan of action for the next 12 months, and set monthly meeting dates.
2. Glossop Bat Group needs to become a separate group. Many thanks to

Lancashire Bat Group for all their help and support and we look

forward to lots of fruitful collaboration in the future.
3. Glossop Bat Group’s first bat rescue occurred last week when a baby
Pipistrellus fell out of a maternity roost in south Glossop. With the
aid of an off duty fireman and his ladders, the bat was safely
returned to the roost.
4. Glossop Golf Club has responded very positively to our report. More
next week.
5. A large number of major planning applications have been withdrawn
in recent weeks and at least part of the reason is the lack of
adequate bat surveys that are suddenly required. GBG have conducted
free-of-charge surveys in New Mills at a church conversion site where
the planning department changed their mind about the need for bat
surveys and found a roost of long-eared bats. Remarkably this might be
the first development in the area that has ever required European
Protected Species licensing. In appreciation the developers have given
us two heterodyne recorders which are freely available for use by bat
group members anytime.
6. The response from High Peak Borough Council to the complaint about
neglect of protected species assessment in planning decisions is
overdue, and requests for copies of bat surveys conducted for the
major mill regenerations in Glossop have not been fulfilled. More
(hopefully) next week.
7. We requested access to the Milltown area from Glossop Land at their
recent consultation, on the grounds that it is one of the largest bat
roost complexes in Glossop. The developers were not aware of the
presence of bats at the site and permission to enter was not
immediately forthcoming. We have considerable evidence of the size and
extent of most of these roosts gathered since March this year, and
hope we can work with the owners to ensure that the roosts are
properly protected. More on this next week.
8. No follow up from developers who said they might install bat boxes
at recent developments. We now have access to Glossop Brook just east
of Victoria Bridge, opposite Howardtown Mill and surveys in this area
are underway.
9. There are far more issues with Glossop Bats than the current
active membership can cope with. Remarkably few members have taken
advantage of our cutting edge technology to conduct their own surveys.
Glossop Bat Group has already made an important contribution to the
knowledge and conservation of bats in the area, but the group is
unlikely to survive as an active force without more active members.
10. Surveys every evening this week from sunset, call or email for details.