Glossop Bat Group Updates - 27th August 2012

Glossop Bat Group is now five months old, and we have made considerable progress in documenting the bat communities of Glossop and identifying important roosting sites, commuting corridors and foraging habitats. We have managed this on a budget of less than £100 and with a small active membership.
Glossop Bat Group is now a fully formed group with a cons
titution and a committee. From September 1st we will be a proper bat group under the umbrella of the Bat Conservation Trust. We currently have four paid-up members and £11.50 in the coffers. Please consider joining the bat group!


The Shire Hill Quarry planning application is now very bat friendly, and we have offered to help monitor the site. United Utilities have requested a meeting about the decommission of Hurst Reservoir, and the bat surveys at New Mills have formed part of another planning application ( In addition we have identified two major roosts in the area this month, one of which is literally inches away from a proposed church building demolition, the application for which stated the site was of no importance to bats (based on a daytime assessment). At HPBC, Councillor Claff has been kind enough to pursue our requests to gain access to the Easton House and Woods Mills complex, and it appears that permission to enter the latter requires only the approval of Glossop Land, who have not responded to our offer of help. There is no word yet from HPBC on our request to survey bats in the grounds of Easton House, nor is there a response to the complaint made about bat surveys in planning decisions. Hopefully we will have more to report at our next meeting which is on Thursday 6th September at 7pm at our new venue: Glossop Central Methodist Church on Chapel Street.
In future, meetings will be held monthly, with the subsequent meeting on October 3rd. The September meeting will include a review of our activities so far, followed by a discussion on what our priorities should be for the rest of the year. The October meeting will include a talk by Daniel Bennett on “Avoiding Trespass with Drones in the War for Bats”. Everybody is welcome.
Meanwhile we are conducting training sessions and workshops on evidence-based bat surveys every night and some mornings, whatever the weather, from the 29th August to 3rd September. The maternity colonies are breaking up, the male bats are getting amorous and there is much to learn. Please see for details of times and locations.
Please come to the meetings if you can, and even if you can’t, please consider joining the group and making a significant contribution to wildlife conservation in Glossop.