Bat Group Update 10 September 2012.

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It’s been a great week for bats in Glossop and the weather has been favourable. You can find all our field activities on our new website at, please register for full details. Everybody is welcome.

I can report the following developments

  1. High Peak Borough Council responded to the complaint about the treatment of bats in Glossop, and confirmed that fears about the neglect of bats in planning issues was justified. The response contained no suggestions to rectify the problem, and because scrutiny of current planning applications is still turning up incorrectly assessed applications each week, the complaint has been elevated to Stage 2. The relevant documents are attached. The response raises a number of other issues that are currently being investigated.
  2. The review of past and present bat surveys in Glossop indicates that the quality varies massively. Authors who have produced bad bat surveys  have received letters outlining concerns, and in one case an official complaint has been made to the Institute of Environmental and Ecological Management about two of their members in respect of a bat survey in Glossop. In another instance we came across a bat survey that we could not fault, and wrote to the author congratulating him. It is too early to tell if we have made an noticeable impact on the treatment of bats in planning considerations in Glossop, but there is no doubt that our concerns about bats are being taken much more seriously than they were a few months ago.
  3. Only four members have paid their membership fees, and whilst the work we are doing only takes time and a few batteries, Glossop Bat Group cannot continue to function indefinitely without funds. There is no doubt that we are the best value for money conservation group in Glossop, so please consider becoming an official member and boosting our coffers beyond the £11.50 mark.
  4. Some members have noted that the problems in Glossop extend far beyond bats to the whole natural environment of Glossop. Japanese knotweed is one major issue and members are launching a separate campaign to address this issue. Look out for details soon.

Next meeting is Thursday October 4th at 7pm, Central Methodist Church, Chapel Street, Glossop. The previously announced talk has been postponed and instead Daniel Bennett will give a presentation on ‘Six Months of Glossop Bat Group”, followed by an open discussion about the future. Everybody is welcome. We are also out most nights looking for bats, check the website for details!