Glossop Bat Group Updates - 5th September 2012

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Glossop Bat Group is now a partner group of the Bat Conservation Trust. The agreement will be available to view at our meeting tomorrow, 6th September 2012, 7pm, at Glossop Central Methodist Church. At the meeting we will formulate plans for the rest of the year and discuss many bat-related issues in Glossop. The October meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 3rd October, same time and place. We have invited relevant members of HPBC to these meetings, and members are asked to remember that, if they come, it will be to discuss the future of bats in Glossop and not to discuss past events.


Glossop Bat Group now has a website (www.glossopbatgroup) that will feature interactive facilities for bat group members.

There is no news on access to Woods Mills complex or Easton House. Real Estate Development Partnerships Ltd. have written to say that they will not fund bat boxes at Howardtown Mill, and High Peak Borough Council have still not issued a response to the complaint about treatment of bats in planning decisions that was made on 8th July. On 24th August HPBC indicated that it required two hours further work and would be issued the next working day, on the 28th that it would be sent the next day, on the 30th that it would be “with you shortly” and on the 4th September that it would be issued “as soon as possible”.  

On a much more positive note, United Utilities have requested a meeting about the effect on bats of the decommissioning of Hurst Reservoir. Because of the general feeling that bats within the jurisdiction of the Peak District are at less risk than those in other parts of Glossop, we have neglected surveys of Hurst Reservoir and adjacent areas in recent months. On Thursday we will be able to formulate a plan to survey the site over the remaining months of the year and hopefully make a useful contribution to the changes in the area.

Batline – Over the summer we have had a number of calls from people who have found juvenile bats that were unable to fly. In some cases we were able to successfully return the bats to their roosts, but in other cases the bats did not survive. It would be very useful if the bat group had a dedicated mobile phone and sim card that could be used as a contact to co-ordinate survey activities and to enable rapid response to calls about bat casualties. If anybody has an old mobile phone that could be used for this purpose please bring it along.

This month we hope to get involved in the annual nathusius pipistrelle survey ( as well as organising some fun surveys and bat walks. More details at the meeting.