Bat Group Update 10 September 2012.

It’s been a great week for bats in Glossop and the weather has been favourable. You can find all our field activities on our new website at, please register for full details. Everybody is welcome.

I can report the following developments

  1. High Peak Borough Council responded to the complaint about the treatment of bats in Glossop, and confirmed that fears about the neglect of bats in planning issues was justified. The response contained no suggestions to rectify the problem, and because scrutiny of current planning applications is still turning up incorrectly assessed applications each week, the complaint has been elevated to Stage 2. The relevant documents are attached. The response raises a number of other issues that are currently being investigated.

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Glossop Bat Group Updates - 5th September 2012

Glossop Bat Group is now a partner group of the Bat Conservation Trust. The agreement will be available to view at our meeting tomorrow, 6th September 2012, 7pm, at Glossop Central Methodist Church. At the meeting we will formulate plans for the rest of the year and discuss many bat-related issues in Glossop. The October meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 3rd October, same time and place. We have invited relevant members of HPBC to these meetings, and members are asked to remember that, if they come, it will be to discuss the future of bats in Glossop and not to discuss past events.

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Glossop Bat Group Updates - 17th June 2012

Dear Bat Group,
1. I dropped Robert's microphone into some mud at Jumbles on Derbyshire Level on Saturday morning, effectively ending our attempts to collect empirical data on Glossop's bat community for the time being (but see 3 below).
2. I am writing up our results so far and would welcome comments on the draft if anybody has time to read it.
3. Glossop Bat Group has a visitor from Mexico via C

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Glossop Bat Group Updates - 31st July 2012

1. Next meetings will be split over Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday this week (30 July to 1st August) at 7PM in the Oakwood, or, if it is closed, in the Globe. We will do all the formal stuff to make ourselves an independent group (see below), come up with a plan of action for the next 12 months, and set monthly meeting dates.
2. Glossop Bat Group needs to become a separate group. Many thanks to

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Glossop Bat Group Updates - 30th March 2012

At the 2nd Glossop Bat Group Meeting we surveyed the bats of the Sandhole and parts of Howardtown Mill. We will meet again outside The Oakwood on George Street on Wednesday 4th April at 7.30pm. There is some concern that a fixed weekly meeting is at the mercy of the weather and will exclude anybody who is not free on Wednesday evenings. It also limits the amount of experience that members can get. For that reason, and because so many priority areas have already been suggested, it might be a good idea to allow for extra, impromptu surveys when members with bat detectors are available and the weather is favourable. These will be most evenings starting around 7.30. Details of these surveys will be posted on our Facebook page or can be sent by text. Please let me know if you want to be informed of these surveys.

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