Listening to Bats

Bats calls are often as distinctive as bird song, but bat calls are usually much too high for us to hear. Over the years a number of ways to pick up bat ultrasound have been developed that vary in their price and ability to detect different bats and their behaviours. Glossop Bat Group use three different ultrasound detection methods in surveys; Real-time full-spectrum detection, heterodyne detection and time-expansion detection. Don't let the fancy names put you off, it takes less than 30 minutes to learn how to use all three of them.


Being able to listen to bats puts a whole new perspective on their world. Parts of Glossop that appear to be silent at night are filled with the cries of bats. Recording ultrasound at night is one of the best ways to create a permanent record of bat activity at any site. Although we have recorded over 100 hours of Glossop's ultrasound, most areas of the town remain unvisited. Join Glossop Bat Group and put your part of Glossop on the bat map!