Bat Boxes

As traditional bat roosts in buildings disappear, bat boxes are becoming increasingly important in the conservation of bats in Glossop. We are happy to provide advice on bat box design and placement.





Glossop Bat Group - Conservation

Glossop Bat Group - Advice for good bat conservation.

Glossop Bat Group publish these pages in good faith with the aim of helping ensure that bats receive the statutory protection they are entitled to. They are not a statement of fact and the group will take no responsibility for how our advice is used.

Bats and their habitats receive very strict protection in English and European law. Any change in the landscape that might affect bats must accommodate these laws. Changes in lighting, work on trees, roofing, loft conversions, construction, demolition, barn conversions, church conversions and many other activities must be assessed to ensure they do not result in disturbance or harm to bats. Local authorities have a statutory obligation to consider the potential effects on bats of all applications they consider. Developers, planning authorities, statutory bodies, householders, builders, roofers, bat surveyors, consultants and others entrusted with protection of wildlife have  specific duties in the protection of bats. This site contains advice for planning applications and for practical bat conservation by householders and farmers.