Review - Baton Bat Detector

The Baton is an inexpensive frequency division bat detector. Over the last two years I have used four or five Batons along with many other ultrasound detecting gadgets during bat surveys in the U.K. I develop strong feelings about the equipment I use.

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Review: Dodotronic Ultramic 200K/250K

The Dodotronic Ultramic is an ultrasonic microphone with a USB plug. It offers full spectrum real time digital ultrasonic recording for less than 300 Euros (plus a laptop). I have been using these microphones in the UK and the Philippines for the last 18 months, and I consider it the most exciting (and affordable) development in the world of bat detectors for many years. Here’s why.

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Watching Bats

Glossop bats are very small, and they fly very fast. Many species will only fly in dark places and so we rely on the sounds they make to determine where they are. However not all bats are noisy, and one species in particular is notoriously difficult to listen to. The brown long eared bat is a very common species that often hunts silently, listening for the sounds of moths and other prey rather than actively searching for it with ultrasound. Glossop Bat Group use a combination of night vision equipment and highly sensitive ultrasound detectors to record the presence of these bats. 

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Monitoring Bat Roosts

The best time to see bats in Glossop is shortly before dawn when they often swarm around their roost sites. However most members are content to watch bats emerge from their roosts around sunset, when they tend to emerge from their roosts and fly away immediately. Counting bats emerging from their roosts is the best way to learn about roost sizes without disturbing the animals. Glossop Bat Group use visual counts and night vision video equipment to monitor bat roosts, but here are far too many bat roosts in Glossop for us to be able to record them all properly, and we discover new ones every week! Join Glossop Bat Group and help us learn about the Bats in Glossop and how we can best protect them.


Bat roosts are very strictly protected and it is illegal to disturb them in any way without a licence.