Glossop Bat Group - February meeting

Glossop Bat Group
Planning and Development meeting
Everybody welcome
1pm, Saturday 2nd February 2013, The Oakwood, 67 High St West, Glossop Sk13 9az

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Introduction to the Bats of Glossop

How to help Glossop Bat Group

You can help us by telling us about roosts you know or remember, by letting us record bats in your garden, by joining the bat group or by giving us generous donations. We are the best value conservation project in Glossop.


More Bats - Less Gnats

by Scott Bauer,

 The parts of Glossop that are named after biting insects (Gnat Hole and Pyegrove) are some of the best places for bats in Glossop. Even our tiniest bats can eat 3000 gnats in an evening, so a roost of 50 bats will consume about 27 million gnats each summer. Join Glossop Bat Group and help us get more bats and less gnats.

Read more: More Bats - Less Gnats

Contact the Bat Group

Hammer-headed bat- Bui, Ghana

You can contact Glossop Bat Group This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and soon by telephone

You can contact Glossop Bat Group through our Facebook and Twitter pages

If you have found an injured bat please call the Bat Conservation Trust on 0845 1300228


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