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Hammer-headed bat, Bui, Ghana. N.Green/D.Bennett We are the best value conservation group in Glossop! Sign up here to join Glossop Bat Group. We rely on membership subscriptions to fund our activities. Membership of Glossop Bat Group is £10 per year or 50 pence for unwaged members. Members get full access to the website, use of bat group equipment(subject to training) and the opportunity to conduct exciting scientific research and practical conservation work with the bats of Glossop. 

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Contact the Bat Group

Hammer-headed bat- Bui, Ghana

You can contact Glossop Bat Group This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and soon by telephone

You can contact Glossop Bat Group through our Facebook and Twitter pages

If you have found an injured bat please call the Bat Conservation Trust on 0845 1300228

Bat Group Diary

Nanonyceris veldkampi, Bui, Ghana - Daniel Bennett








Keep up to date with the hectic schedule of Glossop Bat Group with our interactive calender of events!

Our next meetings are on 6th September 2012 at 7pm and 3rd October 2012 at 7pm. Central Methodist Church, Chapel Street, Glossop. Everybody is welcome

Meanwhile get the latest news of our nocturnal activities on Twitter!

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Bats Saved in Church Development!

Plecotus auritus in roost - Glossop Bat GroupGlossop Bat Group started to monitor planning applications on the HPBC Planning Portal in June 2012. We believe that many applications that should have bat surveys often do not have any bat surveys at all! One development that had been registered without a bat survey turned out to have a beautiful roost of long-eared bats, possibly the first ever found in the area during a survey for planning!

More Bats - Less Gnats

by Scott Bauer,

 The parts of Glossop that are named after biting insects (Gnat Hole and Pyegrove) are some of the best places for bats in Glossop. Even our tiniest bats can eat 3000 gnats in an evening, so a roost of 50 bats will consume about 27 million gnats each summer. Join Glossop Bat Group and help us get more bats and less gnats.

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Glossop Bat Group - Update

Glossop Sunset - Glossop Bat Group

Founded in March 2012, the 6 month plan of Glossop Bat Group was to document the presence of bats in as many parts of Glossop as possible using rigourous survey methodologies, and combine this with data from previously published bat surveys in the area. By June we had done preliminary surveys in many parts of east Glossop and published an ebook detailing our results and their implications. Unfortunately there were very few bat surveys on the High Peak Borough Council Planning Portal.

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Evidence-Based Bat Surveys

Fruit bat, Bui, Ghana, Nicky Green









Evidence based bat surveys are carried out using recording equipment that provides definitive proof of bat activity. Ideally, evidence-based surveys provide incontrovertible proof of the time, location, species and context of bat behaviour. Evidence based surveys provide valuable and repeatable historical records of bat activity. Glossop Bat Group are working hard to develop affordable and effective methodologies that will allow anybody in Glossop to conduct evidence-based bat surveys that will benefit bats now and in the future.


Glossop Bat Group Library

An Introduction to the Bats of Glossop. Viper Press, Glossop. Bennett, D., D. Chadderton, P. Tabasuares, K. Marshall, R. O’Connor, A Chabloz and V. Zamora. 2012.

Here you can read publications and reports about Glossop bats and find links to bat surveys past and present. Includes free download of our "Introduction to the Bats of Glossop" published in 2012.

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Why Join the Bat Group?

1st meeting of Glossop Bat Group, 21 March 2012
With hundreds of years of experience, Glossop Bat Group aims to be a major force for conservation in Glossop, but we urgently need new (and younger) members. Members typically spend a few hours each month looking for bats or monitoring roosts. They learn to use specialised equipment to hear and see bats more clearly, and help form a picture of what bats need from Glossop to thrive. Click here to join Glossop Bat Group!

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