Aims of the Glossop Bat Group

Glossop Bat Group MMXII

To work with the people of Glossop and nearby (and beyond) through sensible approaches to conservation that result in “MORE BATS AND LESS GNATS”.
Monitoring and mapping of local bat populations to ensure that bats in
Glossop and nearby are given the protection they are entitled to under
English and International law.


-­‐ Monitor bat surveys published by local authorities to ensure they are accurate
and comply with professional standards.
-­‐ To ensure the proper conservation of bats in Glossop and nearby by working with
everybody necessary in order to protect bats and their habitats.
-­‐ To provide people in Glossop and nearby with the equipment and expertise to
learn more about local bats and to support local people living with bats.
-­‐ To work with other individuals and institutions to the benefit of bats worldwide.


You can find a copy of our constitution and other important documents here.

Constitution of Glossop Bat Group

Minutes of Glossop Bat Group Meetings

Accounts of Glossop Bat Group